●  Low prices: Car+ driver package price is usually 20%-30%  lower than the market average prices ;

 ● Flexible lease term:  lowest you could commit one month contract to get a price based on one year +;

 ● You can have a one month trial period for the car which is not brand new. If you are not  satisfied with the service after he month, the contract can be terminated automatically;

 ● If necessary, the driver's trip can be monitored through the APP and the costs are clear and transparent;

 ● Excellent service: the drivers have health certificates and green codes, and most of them have more than 10 years of safe driving experience, and more than 5 years of foreign family service experience; Drivers can work overtime at any time; Drivers receive quarterly professional training;The driver can be changed unconditionally;

● A large number of well-known companies and personal users are using the ReluxTrans services;

Long-term Rental Case