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Top-tier travel and chauffeur service for the international crowd in Shanghai.

Yes, Didi does the trick for your daily hauls, but there are a bunch of things where it just doesn't do a good enough job. Let's say you need a car to drive you around for half a day, or you need a car with child seat, or want to have the guarantee your driver doesn't refuse you when you take your pets.

Or sometimes you might just want to be able to speak to someone to plan your airport pickup or weekend trip. Or a corporate event where you need more than just a Didi pickup that might or might not work out.

This is where ReluxTrans comes in!

What's ReluxTrans?

Long before Didi started zipping around, ReluxTrans was mastering the art of the wheel. For over a decade, this car rental sage has been delivering top-tier travel services and chauffeur solutions to the international crowd in Shanghai.

Whether you need a sleek ride for the day, long-term car rentals, or bespoke cars for a conference, they've got you covered. They're the go-to for a plethora of large-scale events for luxe brands like GUCCI, MIUMIU, and FENDI, ensuring every high-end guest arrives in style with a robust fleet and an army of backup drivers to keep cancellations at bay.

They team of drivers is also large enough to ensure there's always a backup driver, so your ride will never get cancelled.

How To Book A Car Service?

Different from the other ride hailing apps, you can talk to someone about your ride if you like. You can follow their WeChat and contact their dedicated customer service team, and they will help you with all your questions and requirements, such as assisting in carrying luggage to the check-in (not free).

The other place to order the car is directly through their app, available on all popular app stores. The ReluxTrans App lays out all the prices and options with just a few taps. Available on all major app stores, snagging your first ride is a breeze.

So, They Can Drive Me Around in a Rolls-Royce?

Whether it's bidding Shanghai adieu, making an impression on a first date, or just elevating a dismal day, why settle for Didi's Luxe when you can truly luxuriate? At ReluxTrans, the crème de la crème is a Rolls-Royce that sits at the pinnacle (well, at the bottom if you're price filtering).

Long-term Rentals: Reliable Chauffeur Services

When you and your family need a driver familiar with the local environment for the long term, ReluxTrans provide smoke-free and tidy luxury vehicles along with professionally trained drivers who can engage in bilingual conversation, understand cultural differences, and respect privacy.

When you require long-term business travel in China, ReluxTrans can arrange comfortable luxury vehicles and exclusive drivers according to your needs, and flexibly adjust the contract period.

Dedicated Assistance: Unlike large platforms that cannot provide personalized services due to their broad client base, dedicated customer support of office team ensures every detail of your daily transport needs is managed with precision.

Professional and Multifunctional Drivers: ReluxTrans drivers go beyond just driving; they are equipped to assist with daily errands, are nonsmokers, and uphold the strictest privacy and safety standards.

Cultural Sensitivity: Familiar with local customs, drivers make life in China as convenient as possible for expat families.

Scan the QR code to learn more about a tailored long-term solution.

Deep Discounts for SmartShanghai Readers

Just for our readers, ReluxTrans is rolling out the red carpet. Download their app and scan the code below to unlock exclusive perks:

  • Complimentary airport meet-and-greet, anytime, anywhere.

  • Stress-free travel charter services to let you explore in style.

  • Bilingual drivers in suits, ready to impress your clients.

  • A fleet fit for large-scale events with ample cars and seamless coordination.

Don't miss out on the sweet deals. Scan the QR code below, download the ReluxTrans app, and start your journey with style and savings.