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This app makes travel booking simpler!

Booking and renting cars for business entertainment can be a real headache.

You've arranged for airport pickup service for your boss, but the driver insists your boss should make their own way to the parking lot.

When traveling for business, whether by plane or high-speed train, waiting in line for taxis is always a hassle.

And when traveling to Southeast Asia, it's hard to find reliable Chinese-speaking drivers.

Why is it so difficult to get high-quality travel services?

Well, let this app take care of your worries with just one click:

1.One-way booking, sorted in a snap:

Simply input your itinerary into the app and instantly get detailed pricing. No need to worry about asking about prices for different car models. With our powerful technology support, we provide convenient online booking, payment, and cancellation functions.

2. Airport transfer service, right to your doorstep: 

If your starting point or destination is the airport, leave your signboard information, and our drivers will be there waiting for you before you even land, ensuring your safe arrival at your destination.

3. Hourly rental charter, transparent car model pricing: 

No matter which city you're in, the app will push available car models and prices based on your location. Clear and concise interface design allows you to find the most suitable car rental solution at a glance.

4. Bilingual system, usable both domestically and internationally: 

Our app supports both Chinese and English, and comes with both Amap and Google maps. Whether you're in China or abroad, you can easily use our premium car services, making your business trips worry-free.

5. Convenient and quick PayPal payment: 

We understand that PayPal is a commonly used payment method abroad. Therefore, our app supports PayPal payments, allowing you to easily complete payments overseas, eliminating the need for cumbersome currency exchange processes.

6. Wide service coverage: 

Our services cover East Asia, Southeast Asia, as well as first and second-tier cities in China. No matter where your business destination is, our app can provide you with convenient car rental services.

ReluxTrans is a company deeply rooted in decades of management of conference vehicles and high-quality travel services. We provide customers with: daily car rentals, long-term car rentals, customized conference vehicles, round-trip short and long-distance transportation, train and plane transfers, children's transportation, and more. ReluxTrans has operated hundreds of large-scale conferences and luxury brand events such as LV, GUCCI, MIUMIU, FENDI, with rich experience in high-end guest reception and a sophisticated vehicle dispatch system. Our experienced management team controls the pace and avoids emergencies.

Click on ReluxTrans for 4A high-quality travel and set off immediately.