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The car rental market is booming during the Spring Festival, mid-to-high-end vehicles are more popular

According to a report by the Voice of Economics "World Finance and Economics", there are less than 5 days left before the 2021 Spring Festival. In addition to flying and trains, car rental and self-driving trips have also become mainstream ways to ease the traffic capacity during the Spring Festival. The reporter learned that the current Spring Festival car rental market has been booming, and car rental prices have also risen accordingly.


At the end of the year, how to go home during the Spring Festival has become the focus of people after dinner. At the business branch of a car rental company in Fengtai District, Beijing, people will come to inquire about the New Year's car rental from time to time.


Customer: "My hometown is in Tangshan. I want to join a carpool with a few friends. I plan to go home during the Chinese New Year. Everyone can't spend much. This is more convenient than taking the train.


Customer: "We want to rent a larger car. There are more friends for the Chinese New Year, so we said we took them out for a tour."


With less than 20 days to go before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Monkey, business in the car rental market has been booming ahead of schedule. Wang Hui, brand marketing director of eHi Car Rental in North China, said that currently the Spring Festival reservations in the national market have exceeded 70%. The situation in the city is better.


Wang Hui: "Currently, the overall booking rate for the Spring Festival has exceeded 70%. Generally, it will reach the peak of bookings 10 days before the Spring Festival, and finally reach saturation. On the whole, first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and second-tier cities of some key provincial capitals Consumers have the highest acceptance of car rentals, especially for these who are looking for long-term rental,a more mature market, and the best booking conditions."


The car rental market is booming, and prices are rising. In addition, compared with previous years, one change this year is that mid-to-high-end vehicles are more sought after. Wang Hui said that the car rental industry is a bit similar to the aviation industry. There are low and peak seasons. Every large holiday such as the Spring Festival, EHi Car Rental will adjust the price according to the rental rate and the supply and demand of models. Generally approaching the Spring Festival, prices will rise by 20%, 50%, or even higher. However, eHi Car Rental's package package for the Spring Festival was opened in early December, and many users have booked the car at the usual price. During the first ten days of opening, the occupancy rate increased by more than ten percent during the Spring Festival.


Speaking of hot-rental models during the Spring Festival, she said that the better models to rent this year are mid-to-high-end vehicles such as the BMW 2 Series and MG SUV.


In addition, the reporter telephoned the staff of Shenzhou Car Rental and learned that the more difficult it is to rent a car as the Spring Festival approaches, the price will rise to a certain extent. The more tourist cities, the tighter the car supply, it is best to book as soon as possible.


Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, said that the booming car rental market shows that the sharing economy is increasingly accepted by the market. Leasing vehicles through time-sharing or other forms may gradually become a way of consumption that everyone tries, which will have a certain guiding effect on the entire market. However, if a market is relatively weak in the past and gradually develops and grows, it needs a relatively long incubation period. The rental market in 2021 may be better than in 2020, but it remains to be seen how much it can improve..