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Industry: Mid-to-high-end car rental market may welcome growth opportunities

"The outbreak of the epidemic is changing the pattern of the car rental industry, and travel tools that really pay attention to safety details will gradually become the mainstream choice."


Industry insiders believe that with the upgrading of consumption and the change of public consumption concepts, especially the higher requirements of users for hygiene and safety during the epidemic, the car rental industry may face another development opportunity.


A few days ago, iResearch released the "User Consumption Index Report Affected by the Epidemic", showing that 45.2% of consumers have increased demand for the purchase and replacement of private cars, especially with the resumption of work and production in various places, the "office workers" The demand for the "second car" from self-driving commuting, official vehicles, and dual-employee families and two-child families has increased dramatically.


In addition, some consumers’ demand for “cars during the epidemic” and “second car” is a transitional car demand, and they are still hesitating whether they really want to buy a car; many consumers suffer from insufficient down payment and partial Due to factors such as license restrictions in cities, it is impossible to buy a car in the short term.


Affected by the epidemic this year, people's demand for private space has increased, and people are also pursuing more independent space in terms of travel. "Due to the market positioning of the product, Reluxtrans Travel can be said to make up for the mid-to-high-end car rental market."


"In a special period, in order to meet customers' car needs as much as possible, we must actively think about problems from the perspective of users."  during the epidemic, Reluxtrans Travel introduced measures such as zero contact and vehicle disinfection. The non-contact service method has not only been understood and recognized by customers, but also allowed everyone to reduce contact and reduce the risk of infection.


Faced with problems such as travel difficulties during the epidemic, Reluxtrans Travel is continuously optimizing its operation and service quality. In addition to the comprehensive upgrade of vehicle cleaning and disinfection specifications, it also launched a full-process contactless intelligent return service, upgraded vehicle hardware and software configuration, established offline epidemic prevention outlets, and improved quality services such as epidemic prevention materials, bringing more variety and more to users. High-quality travel service experience.


Reluxtrans Travel internally put forward its development goals for this year: by the end of the year, the asset scale will be expanded to 400 million, the total number of cars will be no less than 1,000, and the number of new cars within a year will not be less than 90%. , Within 3 years, new cars should be no less than 95%, revenue growth should be no less than 300%, and BBA models should be no less than 80%.


On June 18, Reluxtrans Travel and BMW authorized dealers held an online delivery ceremony. Authorized BMW dealers in the remaining 11 cities have delivered 525Li, 320i and xDrive25i three BMW models to Maple Leaf as originally planned.


"I hope to develop more cooperation with BMW." Reluxtrans Travel will have a breakthrough in asset scale this year, and will continue to purchase new BMWs for operation in the long-term leasing business.


"Both drivers and front-seat passengers of BMW vehicles can experience a high degree of comfort, and the spacious space brought by the long wheelbase and high roof lines particularly benefit the rear passengers." wireless charging or Wi-Fi Practical functions such as hotspots further improve the comfort of movement. At the same time, the eye-catching passenger protection device makes the passengers feel safe.


It is understood that while actively expanding the resources of mid-to-high-end vehicles, Maple Leaf Travel is also targeting the self-driving travel business and exploring new operating models.


"All the vehicles invested in this plan are BMW brand vehicles, and the Nalati Scenic Area will serve as the exclusive cooperation between Reluxtrans Travel and the famous scenic spots in Xinjiang to operate pilot attractions." The person in charge of the project said that the plan will exclusively launch BMW brand vehicles , It is expected that full operations in the area will be opened in July.


"The higher the premium car brand in the international market, the higher the leasing penetration rate. At present, the domestic passenger car leasing penetration rate is only between 3%-4%. According to the forecast model, it is expected that the industry will maintain a 20% rate in the next three years. Compound growth rate, the prospect is very broad."