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Is high-end car rental under consumption upgrade a good business?

"Food, clothing, housing, transportation" as the four scenes for constructing the basic daily life of the general public has undergone tremendous changes and deepening in recent years with the iterative upgrade of Internet technology and the improvement of people's consumption level. Especially in the field of travel, not only the interaction scenarios between people and cars are changing, but more and more consumer demands are also showing up day by day. The high-end rental market is one of the most important demands.


Jason-Reluxtrans CEO, who has been dealing with cars all the time, In Jason's view, it was not that he actively chose this entrepreneurial direction, but the market demand drove the birth of him and  Reluxtrans Travel.


Focus on high-end leasing scenarios to address market segment needs, especially target at shanghai long-term car rental service.


If Internet ride-hailing platforms like Didi have changed and solved the daily travel of most people, what Reluxtrans Travel has to solve is the business travel needs of a small number of people for high-end cars.


In recent years, consumption upgrading has always been the main theme of the economic market, and it is also subtly guiding consumers' consumption decisions. People value quality and comfortable experience more than cost-effective, which is demonstrated vividly in the field of travel.


Reluxtrans Travel takes optimizing business travel as the main service scenario, and has built a user service platform that combines online and offline. The O2O model allows consumers more independent choices. At the same time, the door-to-door car pickup service also allows Customers have a more convenient experience. At present, Reluxtrans Travel has more than 300 Toyota Alfa and Wilfa models, and more than 100 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Its flagship high-service brand concept has been recognized and trusted by consumers.


Because he has been engaged in car-related work, Jason has his own insights and understanding of the entire high-end car and car rental. He said: "Car rental is actually a very traditional industry. The rental business has existed in the 1990s. The car penetration rate is not high. People will choose to rent a car only in some more important and strong car use scenarios; later, most people have a car, and the daily rental demand becomes less, but in certain business trips and In travel and other scenarios, people’s rental demand is increasing; at the moment, the entire travel market has undergone revolutionary changes, and segmented areas have shown huge market potential.”


Integrate multiple resources to enrich product service lines


In Jason’s plan, in the early stage of Reluxtrans travel, Toyota Alfa and Wilfa models will be the main products, and brand recognition and Reluxtrans travel symbols will be established in the hearts of consumers. At the same time, other models of different series will also be gradually improved and launched, such as supercars, classic cars and other series.


At present, although the operating vehicles under the brand are mainly self-purchased by the company, the industry will integrate resources in the future to attract cooperation between different brands.At the same time, it will also include individual car owners on the platform to provide consumers with more diversified services. A five-star business travel service provider with high-end car rental as the core.


After statistics and calculations of background data, the current main application scenarios of the brand are mainly high-end business travel, performing arts agency travel, and tourism travel. And the source of customers is mainly word-of-mouth marketing. On the one hand, the current high-end car rental market is relatively fragmented and not large-scale. On the other hand, high-end rental prices are more expensive, and consumers trust the introduction and recommendation of acquaintances.


In the communication between Jason and consumers, it is found that more and more people's demand for high-end cars is increasing, but most people have the same confusion that they don't know where to look for rental services, and those big rentals on the market. The types of high-end car services that the platform can provide are very limited, and there are also some very informal leasing agencies. Every time I talk to Jason, I can always hear the same feedback from everyone, "I knew you had it here, I won't go... .... It was so miserable at the time."


It is also the heart that has always been adhering to the original intention of changing the chaos of the industry and providing quality services to more consumers. Jason continues to iteratively upgrade the product and service model. He believes that the process of entrepreneurship is a process of continuously discovering and solving problems. In the next step, in addition to the growth of the company, the company will also explore the direction of personalized customization of customer service. For the entire car rental industry, what can be provided is a standardized service product, but the needs of consumers are diversified. In the next step, the company will conduct big data statistics and optimize products and services through data.


Jason, founder of Reluxtrans Travel


In Jason's view, 2020 is a year for the entire Reluxtrans travel to concentrate on products, and this year the company's development will enter an acceleration path.