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How to rent a car for newbies? What are the necessary procedures and precautions

The creator of the 100 list, the official account of Guangdong Pacific Internet Information Service Co., Ltd. There are more and more people with a driver’s license, but there are many restrictions on traffic in cities. It is easy to buy a car and it is difficult to park. Many people have a license to drive without a car. In addition, they have to travel and travel to other places. Many friends are willing to choose to rent a car. So, if it is the first time to rent a car, how can a novice rent a car? What are the necessary procedures and precautions? Let the editor use an article to help everyone share some experience


1.    Find a big platform

The most important thing for a novice to rent a car is to choose a platform. Large platforms have abundant vehicles and guaranteed services. Although the price of a small platform may be low, there are many pits in it, such as additional deposit fees, additional deductions in the case of claims, or mandatory requirements for vehicle damage, etc. At the same time, the protection of rescue and insurance may not be sufficient. Therefore, if you are a novice car rental, the first recommendation is a big platform like Bump Car Rental and EHi Car Rental. Of course, it is highly recommended to take a comprehensive picture of the vehicle when handing over the vehicle


2.    Credentials

It is necessary to rent a car with a driver’s license and ID card. Here we need to remind drivers who are new to the road. If the driving experience is less than 1 year, some platforms may not accept it or need to pay more. Secondly, if you have a credit card or have a relatively high Zhima credit score, it is recommended to be on a large platform. Platforms such as Ooo Car Rental provide the service of Zhima Credit Free.


3.    APP one-click order

With the basic information ready, novices can rent a car. It is very convenient online now, so just search directly in the app store, and then follow the characteristics of each app to find the right car. For example, you can choose the car you like in the APP of Bump Car Rental, and then you can choose to pick up the car at home, so that you can wait for the staff to contact you at home.


4.    road rules

 If you are traveling outside, it is strongly recommended to learn about the local traffic rules. I believe this is worth reminding whether you are a novice or an old driver. It is not difficult for a novice to rent a car. I believe you can start your own happy trip after reading the above points! Finally, let me talk about the recommendation of the platform! If you like to send a car to your door and drive some fun and interesting cars, bump car rental is more recommended. If you are traveling at the airport or railway station and are not very sensitive to the price, then you can check Shenzhou and eHi Car Rental.